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Thursday, December 9, 2004 at 01:18 a.m.
Greatness has its own weakness

muhammad ali

christopher reeves

martin luther king jr

bruce lee
everyone has the ability of becoming the world's greatness, a beacon for uninspired individuals, the people above are well and truly examples. but it comes with a hefty price too. emotions, physique, passion and commitment drives you too much right through the cliffhanger. Ali was the best fighter in his era, chris won awards acting as someone who is almost immortal, martin revolutionize the US govt, bruce made martial arts known to the world. Where they are now is a mere shadow of what they were. Ali looks as though he can fall at any time, chris looked much more worse before his death, martin had alot of hatred among americans at that time(he too had strokes, i think), bruce's family is marred by tragedies and the death of his son brandon, as though there is a curse cast upon his family. everybody is great in their own account.

"Though pain is inevitable, the greatness achieved is forever inspiring"

mind the gap